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In a Little Girl's Mind
There sits the girl with the things in her eyes
Monsters, destruction, and sweet butterflies
Hopscotch and daisies, surrounded by screams
Beautiful dresses now torn at the seams
Crayons and paintbrushes, villains and grins
Young, gladsome innocence, hatred and sins
Little red houses on roads left to fade
Gorgeous moonlight shining off of the blade
Blood pouring out as she cries her own name
Knowing she's forced to take each bit of blame
She could have stopped it and left it behind
All of these things in her troubled young mind
She could have saved them if she dared to try
Rather, though, she left herself there to die.
Now, others watch as she sits on the ground
Keeping their distance and letting her drown
In her own worries and things she won't tell
Waiting for her mind to kill her as well…
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 492 173
I am not a stereotype
Slide the blade across your wrist.
"Doesn't it hurt?"
I can't feel anything.
"A little."
Punch your own stomach.
Does it hurt yet?
Keep going.
"Why do you do that?"
The pain makes me feel alive.
"I don't know."
Keep staring.
"What's wrong with you?"
I'm dead inside.
"Emotional freak."
I'm just depressed.
Stare at your arms.
Your stomach.
Your waist.
Your thighs.
"What are you doing?"
I'm ugly.
"Never mind."
"Attention seeker."
I just have low self esteem.
"I'm sorry."
"Scene girl."
I'm just human.
I'm just me.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 1,072 478
Let's Play a Game
Let's play a game.
I don't like the game we play
But he says we have to.
After all, I am
Daddy's little girl.
Don't move...
I can't.
I'm too sad to move.
I don't like this game.
But I am
Daddy's little girl.
There. Wasn't that nice?
No, Daddy.
I don't like our games...
But I guess I have to
Because I'm
Daddy's little girl.
We can play again later.
I don't want to play later!
I don't. Like. Our. Games.
But I have to play them.
Because I'm
Daddy's little girl.
It's fun. Isn't it?
No daddy...
I don't want to be
I'm sick of being
Daddy's little girl
In Daddy's world
With Daddy's games.
Let me grab this knife, Daddy.
Let me hurt you, Daddy.
The way you hurt me.
I don't want to be your little girl.
... Daddy...
I want to play a game.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 229 60
I Am Schizophrenia
Don't tell.
Shut up.
Sit there.
And don't
"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine."
Turn off the light.
On again.
"What are you doing?"
You can't fight the shadows.
They'll kill you if you tell.
Shut up.
Rip your hair out.
Cover your eyes.
Uncover them.
Cover them again.
Lock the door.
But look
Now you're trapped.
Unlock it.
Lock it again.
"What's wrong?"
Don't take the medication.
It's poison.
Don't drink the water.
Don't eat your dinner.
Don't sleep.
"I don't know you anymore. Who have you become?"
I am a nobody.
I am Schizophrenia.
I am death
"... I don't know."
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 246 76
Guys, I'm Still Here.
So, I'll bet I've lost all my watchers.
So I wanted you guys to know, I STILL LOVE YOU ALL! <3 
And I've been straying from writing... actually, just so i can draw :) [link] <--- there it is. My doodles. From me. The Doodle Noodle. Ahaha.
Comment if you're still alive! 
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 3 15
"What are you doing?"
Trying to escape.
Look behind you.
Are they there?
Shut up.
"What's wrong?"
You'll never understand it.
"Never mind."
Scream louder.
Rip your hair out.
Cover your ears.
"Calm down."
I can't.
"I'm sorry."
They want you to die.
They're out for you.
Shut the door.
Lock it.
Unlock it.
Lock it again.
"Are you okay?"
I'm dying.
"I'm fine."
You'll never make it.
Fall to the ground.
Cry harder.
"What are you doing?"
"What are you going through?"
"What's wrong with you?"
... "I don't know."
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 669 304
Schizophrenia is an awful name
She ran.
She ran through the maze of dark corridors that her sick and twisted mind (as she described it) represented.
She felt so lost feeling the anger taking control over her sanity. If she ever was sane, she couldn't remember it, and she probably didn't like it either. Even though all this madness was killing her slowly there was a part of her twisted self that enjoyed it, the pain, the fear, the anger…
I'm bad she told herself, and the sweet and enchanting (and bad, really really bad) voices inside her head approved.
All this people telling her what to and what not to do, society reduced to do's and don'ts. A society where don'ts were the only thing that kept her happy, or alive, but she couldn't contradict society. No, nobody contradicts society.
All she had where the voices telling her to go for it, but don'ts were don'ts for a reason or two. They hurt other people.
Oh, but the voices, those sweet voices that claimed to love her so much were selfish, as
:iconwrite4me:Write4Me 37 55
Baby Of Mine
"I think someone's ready for bed," Donatello muttered, smiling softly at the young turtle nestled on his father's lap. The little terrapin snuggled close to his emerald skinned parent, their identical colourings making the youngster look to be an adjacent part of the older ninja. Raph grinned down at his son, knowing that his mate was doing the same.
"Alright Vin-kun," Leo spoke gently, knowing fully well that the child was still conscious enough to hear him, "Time for bed." Just as suspected, the young turtle wearily opened his eyes, brown orbs staring out from underneath the emerald lids.
"No tired." He slurred, sitting up in protest. He yawned quietly, reluctantly rubbing a tiny fist against his left eyelid.
Raphael chuckled. The young turtle, although being graced with Leonardo's patience, had also inherited his own stubborn roots. "C'mon Vin, ya gotta listen to yer Mum." He smirked at the leaf-green turtle, seeing the eldest of the four brothers sigh heavily and role his eyes skyw
:iconlooney-girl2772:Looney-Girl2772 125 33
Prologue by FenrigWW Prologue :iconfenrigww:FenrigWW 8 1 Frail Destiny by satansgirl89 Frail Destiny :iconsatansgirl89:satansgirl89 4 1
BENdrowned is my name,
I live inside a Majora game.
I'm alone, so play with me.
You'll see how fun I can be…
Generally, I'm usually nice,
But delete my file and you'll pay the price.
I'll cause you grief, I'll cause you pain,
I'll make you wonder if you're sane.
We'll play my game by my rules,
Those who do otherwise are truly fools.
So here's something for you to chew,
"You've met with an awful fate, haven't you?"
:iconshadowkitten12:shadowkitten12 156 57
Don't go out into the woods, my child.
For Slenderman lives there, out in the wild
Do not ask why he lives in that place
It is mostly because he has no face.
He has long arms that  grab you
And take you to a place that will fill you
With dread, and you will wish that
You were dead
:icongodofwarlover:godofwarlover 517 314
Laughing Jack Poem
As you start to fall asleep, you watch the shadows as they creep.
From the darkness he appears, the one who lives within your fears.
A high pitched cackle pierces the dark, "Please go away" you start to remark.
He reaches for you, his arms long and slender, he wants your flesh, so sweet and tender.
He makes sweets appear within his claws, he slowly brings them towards your jaw.
You wriggle about, but he holds you in place, a crooked grin creeps across his pale face.
"No!" you scream, as you try to break free, that ghastly grin you don't want to see.
He laughs again, it makes you shiver, his stripey tongue begins to slither.
The lights flash on, your parents are there, but the psychotic clown can't be found anywhere.
The next night is more of the same, that circus freak wants to play another game.
He forces the candy down your throat, he begins to grin & starts to gloat.
You sputter and cough but it is too late, you feel you are doomed to this bittersweet fate.
Suddenly you hear the mus
:iconkillercaitie:KillerCaitie 171 56
PnF: Love Letters to Heaven
The seven-year-old stopped in her tracks from walking passed her little brother's room. After a short pause, she retraced her tracks and peered into the toddler's room. Facing the doorway, sitting in the bed wide awake was two-year-old Phineas. He stared at his sister with his big beady eyes.
Candace paused a moment before taking a few steps into the room. "Mom's gonna be mad that you're not sleeping, Phineas," she stated. "You don't want her to be mad, do you?"
Phineas shook his head vigorously. His little red locks flapped about.
"Then, you'd better get to sleep."
But again, the toddler shook his head. Candace sighed and placed her hands on her hips. "Phinny, you gotta sleep," she said. "You get grumpy if you don't sleep."
Phineas blinked. "Can't sleep," he squeaked.
"Why not?"
"… Story."
Candace tilted her head curiously. "Mom already read you a bedtime story," she said.
"Not that story."
"What story do you want then?"
Phineas turned around and grabbed a picture
:iconkicsterash:KicsterAsh 241 146
For My Daughter
Dear daughter-I-do-not-have-yet,
You will be my perfect. You will be my proudest moments in one small person. You will be made in love, or maybe anger, or maybe even desperation. But that won't matter. What matters is what you will be made into.
You will have Daddy's hair and his nose, and my eyes and my smile, the smile that happens not because someone with a camera told you to, but because you're genuinely happy. But you will have your very own heart and will be full of all the things that give you your you-ness. Whether you sing in the bath or make Valentines for everyone in your class or give your last homemade chocolate chip cookie to the boy sitting alone at recess.
I will write you poems and stories about how you are my miracle. I will read them to you sometimes, just to remind you. As you grow, not a day will go by that I'm not thankful for everything you are. You will be dazzling and beautiful and brilliant and compassionate and playful and curious and all of the things
:iconindigoskyes:IndigoSkyes 60 45
Dear Mom
Dear Mom,
[I know this really isn't a letter like I promised, but you should be used to me giving less then I say I will]
I'm going to feel bad, throwing you into the ocean.
I'm going to have to clench my teeth, close my eyes, and grip my hip [because you're there, forever; in jagged scar tissue with upside down mountain capped M's and a blocky O, you're there, forever.] to keep myself from diving in after you and gathering you back together with the finest cheesecloth, molding you back together and filling you with all the beautiful things you've been drained of. I'll jam sea glass in your eye sockets and replace your weak bird bones with coral, I'll fill your lungs with saltwater [because oxygen obviously never worked; I almost miss that respirator keeping me awake at night] and wrap you with seaweed to hold you together again.
And I'll let you speak by jamming the truths to all my lies I've told you down your throat. I will whispersobconfess all my dirty deeds. I will tell yo
:iconalloendreams:AlloenDreams 547 556



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
People's Republic of China
I love drawing
I cant draw very well but I will always try my best(。・ω・。)ノ
My English is not so good so may be there will be Grammatical errors 

all my digital art are drawn on phone
hope you like them
@_@ free to say anything to me
l will be glad

I'm Still exploring (to find a drawing way and style that suit me most)
so you can see my drawing style changable

*deepest love to my cat here


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